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MAGNET: Modeling and Analysis of Genetic NETworks


MAGNET (Modeling and Analysis of Genetic NETworks) was a research project to model gene regulatory networks, carried out in the laboratory of Dr. Hamid Bolouri at the Institute for Systems Biology during 2003-2005.

Contents of this webserver

Today, this webserver hosts downloadable packages for several software programs that were developed under the MAGNET project, as well as materials related to some publications based on the modeling work in the MAGNET project.



Please see our Software Page for a description of the suite of software tools that were originally developed under the MAGNET project.


S. A. Ramsey, D. Orrell, H. Bolouri, "Dizzy: stochastic simulations of large-scale genetic regulatory networks." J Bioinform Comp Biol 3(2), 415-436 (2005) [DOI]. The supplementary material for this article is available on the JBCB website.

S. A. Ramsey, J. J. Smith, D. Orrell, M. Marelli, T. W. Petersen, P. de Atauri, H. Bolouri, and J. D. Aitchison, "Dual feedback loops in the GAL regulon suppress cellular heterogeneity in yeast." Nature Genetics 38(9), 1082-7 (2006) [DOI]. Updated supplementary material and the model description files (in Dizzy format) for this article can be found on the GAL project web page.

2010 Bioinformatics article: Supplementary material for our 2010 article in Bioinformatics on histone acetylation and transcription factor binding site prediction (S. A. Ramsey et al., Bioinform 26(17):2071-5) are available here.

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