Supplementary Note and Model Download Page

Ramsey, Smith, Orrell, et al. Nature Genetics article (2006)

"Dual feedback loops in the GAL regulon suppress cellular heterogeneity in yeast"

This page provides links to the updated supplementary note (in which two typographical errors from the original version have been corrected) and the model description files for the Ramsey et al. Nature Genetics article on the yeast GAL regulon.

Supplementary Note

We have updated the Supplementary Note for the Nature Genetics article, to correct some typographic errors in the typeset equations for the mathematical model (these errors were purely typographic and have no effect on the findings of the paper).

GalNoiseSuppNote.pdf (146 kb)

The rest of the Supplementary Material (e.g., supplementary figures and tables) from the 2006 article are unchanged, and are available at the Nature Genetics website.


The model description files for the GAL regulon model are provided in "Dizzy" format, which can be read by the stochastic kinetic simulation software package Dizzy. The files are provided in a ZIP archive, along with a text file that describes what each file contains, and how to run the model (README.txt). (8 kb)

Last modified: 2010/08/31